Hatteland Technology

Technology for industrial excellence

Hatteland Technology is a global technology partner for system integrators in a wide range of industries.

They provide tailored solutions comprising displays, panel computers, industrial automation, network hardware, CCTV, and software.

Marine & Offshore

Tailored system solutions to the marine and offshore industries.

Naval & Defense

Hatteland designs and manufactures hardware products aimed for the naval and deffense market.

Why choose Hatteland Technology?

Hatteland Technology is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of hardware, network, and infrastructure to the marine and offshore industries.

Combining 30 years of experience, a worldwide service network, and an unmatched product catalog with our extensive expertise and dedicated focus on world-class quality, innovation, and future-proof technology, we strive to be at the forefront of development in our market.

Hatteland Technology is a one-stop-shop for tailored system solutions, working closely with system integrators and serving as a dedicated, skilled and trusted partner that enables end customers to focus on their core business.

We aim to be a stable supplier in a rapidly changing market, offering back compatibility for up to 20 years for certain systems and providing world-class longevity and life cycle management.

Additionally, we have extensive expertise in DNV and ATEX certification, 100% traceability throughout the entire value chain, and an extremely low error rate.