Your partner for mission-critical systems

Leading supplier of tactical IT hardware​

Hatteland Technology is a supplier of industrial IT solutions. We provide digital infrastructure to the defense sector, ranging from naval vessels to army/ground vehicles. ​

(Foto: Torbjørn Kjosvold/ Forsvaret)



50G shock


MIL 167

MIL 461

Opt. bonding



Secure Boot

MIL 810

MIL 901A

Engineered and built in Norway​

At our production facilities in Aksdal, Norway, we develop and manufacture everything from monitors and computers, to network switches and CCTV equipment. ​

We’re also an official distributor for leading brands within the industrial IT sector.

Designed for the most ​ challenging environments

Working closely with Norwegian National Security Authorities (NSM) for years, we have acquired a wealth of experience and expertise regarding ​
MIL-qualified hardware. ​

Coupled with more than 35 years of experience from the maritime market, we know everything there is to know about robust and secure IT infrastructure.

We settle for nothing less than complete operability, even in the most pressing scenarios. ​

​At our inhouse manufacturing plant, we perform EMC shielding, environmental testing, optical bonding, color calibration for ECDIS, and much more.