MNC 1250

The MNC-1250 is a Dual-band 2.4/5Ghz wireless network controller with a built-in SIM slot to access cellular data sources, dual internal access points, gigabyte ports, multi-source failover functionality, and a host of other robust features to complete a vessel’s networking needs. Our MNC-1250 provides full usage exposure while providing the ability to control by source/by login code/or by a user with features to manage accessibility, cap data, limit bandwidth, and blacklist macs and/or URLs from one easy to access browser-based page on any chosen device.

The SIM slot is designed to be universal and works with most SIM cards used throughout the world allowing users the ability to connect to a variety of cellular networks. The ability to easily remove and replace the SIM means that users can choose their own providers based on the locations they travel to, and the availability of service in any given area. For example, in one’s Homeport provider “A” may have the best service and their SIM can be used. When traveling to another state if coverage is better on provider “B” then one of their SIMS can be used. If the vessel leaves the country or is foreign-based, a foreign SIM for example from a Canadian, Bahamian, or Mexican carrier can be acquired and used while in the prospective country. This versatility of coverage and the ability to pay directly for cellular connectivity to the source country instead of relying on roaming agreements are ideal for cruisers.

The MNC 1250 is the most advanced and fastest marine network controller Wave Wi-Fi has developed to date and works well on all sizes and types of vessels.


The MNC 1250 features:

  • (2) Access Point antennas
  • (2) Cellular 4G Rubber Duck Antennas
  • (1) 12VDC Power Adapter
  • (1) SIM slot (LTE-A Compatible)
  • (1) Quick Start / Configuration Guide

One Year Limited Warranty